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3D Projectors India

3D Projectors have actually intensified the viewing experience of you-the viewer. These projectors actually aim at bringing you pictures which are life-like and you might just be conned into thinking that the images of people that you see on the screen are actually real people. 3D Projectors are also very difficult to get and it is almost difficult for you to find a person who sells them for you to buy. However, we have tied up with dealers across Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Bengaluru and Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane in India, who are going to bring you the best 3D projectors at the lowest prices. Moreover, the intention of this article is not to induce you into buying a 3D projector from us but to compare prices and review the 3D projectors on offer and give you a good 3D Projector at the best cost.

3D Technology has taken the world by storm. Such is the demand for 3D Projectors that major companies like Sharp, Sony, LG, Panasonic, Optoma,  Pico, Hitachi, Infocus, NEC, Benq, Acer, Samsung, Sanyo, Mitsubishi, Viewsonic , Philips have got into the 3D projector industry with full force and provide you with the best 3D Technology. First up we have LG's CF-3D, which is being touted as the first full HDTV in the world. The features include 3D single lens type projector, two HDMI 1.3 sockets and 300 ANSI lumens among others. Moving on to the Sanyo PDG-DWL2500J which is 3D-ready and comes at a very very hefty price. However, the 3D technology is quite impressive as it is capable of producing 3D images from distance as little as 2.4cms. The aspect ratio is 16:10 and the brightness is 2500 lumens while the projectors comes with a 10watt speaker. Last but definitely not the least we have the Acer-H5360 which basically aims at bringing NVidia 3D technology to homes, schools, offices and theaters. The features include a contrast ratio of 3200:1 and a brightness of 2500 lumens among the most important fact that this projector is capable of giving you 3D images. We had like to tell you that the list of the projectors mentioned here is just indicative of the fact that there are lot of other projectors in the market which come at a very good price and are loaded in terms of features.