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LCD Projector Price India

It has become very important for a company to have a projector if it wishes that there is clarity of thought amongst its employees and all those concerned with the functioning of this company. Hence, a projector can help you a lot in fulfilling this requirement. Also, another point worth mentioning over here is that not only does a company need projectors but even common households these days have started to feel that projectors are very necessary and can be very helpful, if used effectively, even in home conditions. However, the primary reason why projectors are not penetrating into the household segment with full force is that the price at which LCD projectors are being sold makes it near impossible for common households to even be able to think of a projector for their home. However, when you buy a projector at our dealer outlets anywhere in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane, India, you can be assured that the price which you get is going to be very reasonable and the best in the market.

LCD is supposed to be second only to DLP technology, which is supposed to be the ultimate in projector segment. Moreover, the projector segment

considers DLP technology to be costlier than LCD technology and hence, it is always better to buy a LCD technology when you have a shortage of funds or when you think the fund levels of the organisation will be disturbed if you go in for a DLP Projector. Hence, we had always say that LCD should be preferred if you are short on funds and/or do not require a very swashbuckling projector. Now without wasting any further time, we will move on to checking out the prices of LCD projectors in India. First up we have the Epson-EH-TW3500. At Rs.1,33,000/- it can be termed as a very decent buy and one look at the features and you might feel it is value for money too! Next, Epson EB-S7 is very close to being termed as a projector for the home which comes at a very affordable price range of Rs.31,500/- Also, the Sony VPL DX-15, at a cost of Rs.1,23,750/- is slightly costly but quite good if you are a company. The Sony VPL-FX41 is also a very decent piece if you have a high budget for your projector. The cost of this projector is around Rs.3,80,000/-

Now that we have had a detailed insight into which projector is cheap and which one is costly, we need to tell you that the prices are subject to change everytime and we do not take guarantee for fluctuations in price and the writer claims that the prices were as close to the market price as he could get while the article was written.