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LED Projector India

Projectors are the next in the office technology and are being used extensively for a range of activities in office and corporate workplaces. Its not like projectors are of use in an office environment only. Projector technology has truly leaped out of the confines of office and has made its presence felt in a big way. We have projectors being used in homes, theaters, public ceremonies and other places too. However, selecting the correct projector can be a cumbersome process since with projectors with such great projectors virtually flooding the market, it becomes confusing for a layman to decide as to which projector is good and which one should not even be shortlisted. That is precisely the reason why we, along with our dealers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane, India have taken this initiative to give you a true and fair view of which LED Projectors are available in the market and which ones are the best.

LED Projectors have been revolutionizing the way projectors were perceived in the country. First up we have the LG HS101 LCD Projector. The main features which might make you go for this projector is that this projector has a peculiar feature of near-zero IR emission which causes almost no IR pollution on the camera which indirectly mean that there will be no hotspots on the image. Also, the projector is very small in size and a light in weight. This essentially means that it can be integrated easily in boxed/table setups. However, the throw distance of this projector is just average but the operation of this projector is very good which can be gauged from the fact that it can shut down in just 2 seconds. Also, the price range at which it is available makes it a relatively low-cost model. Next we have the BenQ GP1 LED Projector. The most notable feature of this model is that it is very light in weight, precisely just 565g and the dimensions of 134x54x120mm are sure to excite you. Though with such features it cannot be termed as the lightest portable projector(that pedestal has been achieved by Acer K10 Pico Projector) but it surely does pack in a punch! The looks of this projector are also very attractive and might make you think of being allured towards buying this. Now, we will get down to the technical specifications and what we had like to tell you is that the GP1 is pretty good in terms of this too. Now, we will move on to Vivitek H9080FD 1080p LED DLP Projector. The fact that lumens output is great at around 467lumens makes it a very good buy. Moreover, the contrast ratio offered by this projector is a mind-blowing 100000:1 which is sure to make the minutest of details look good! Also, the connectivity offered by the 1080p is great as, in the words of the company, it can be connected to almost everything. Also, the fact that it comes with a three-year warranty will make this projector look like a very good buy to you.

We have had a detailed look at the variety of LED Projectors available in the market. The last advice we had give you is that always check out with us once before you go berserk on a shopping spree with regards to an LED Projector. This is because you might get the best deals on projectors more often than not with us!