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Projector Prices in India

Life has become very difficult in the fast lane and living out of the suitcase has really become the truth of the corporate world. It has become very important, thus, to keep pace with the technological advancements which the world is undergoing with every passing day. However, technology going places is of no use if it can reach one and all. And one way of achieving that goal of reaching one and all is by targeting the most important feature of the product-Price! That is why we, in association with our dealers in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Navi Mumbai and Thane, India have written you this article to show you the best projectors in terms of prices.

Well, to give you a very honest detail about the price at which projectors start in India, you need to atleast be willing to shell out upto anywhere between Rs.30,000/- to Rs.40,00,000/- However, while we are giving you quite a rude shock by revealing the price range of projectors, we also need to tell you that when you buy these projectors from us you can expect nothing but cheap prices from us. Also, while we are on the topic of prices, we feel its our duty to tell you that you can expect dirt-cheap rates if you buy second-hand products. But, as is the problem with other durables which are second-hand, you cannot expect any warranty from the seller. So it leaves you with a huge amount of risk which, we advice, you should avoid. The Digistar Home Theater LCD Projector, at Rs.19,500/-, is the cheapest a projector can get, at least in the Indian market. However, the fact that the company is quite an unknown one should be a reason enough for you to detest going for this product. Next on the budget scale we have the Super Bright LCD Projector-DEP 5825. It makes you lighter by Rs.26,000/- However, the same problem plagues your plans of buying this projector too. Non-availability or the lack of authorised service centres for such projectors are one of the few reasons why you should refrain from buying this projector. Now we will move on to the better projectors on offer by the best brands in the business. Sony's ES-4 can primarily be termed as an entry-level projector which has been launched by the company. As expected the features are neither good nor bad, somewhere in the middle had be the term. Moving on to the Sharp XR32S, it is a very decent piece and a price range of around Rs.35,000 coupled with the availability of DLP technology should make it a very decent investment. Next we have the Acer PD-527D. This projector which comes at a price range of around Rs.61,000/- is highly rated by the projector using community. Now we will have a brief look at the projectors on offer which can be installed primarily in offices and corporates. The Acer-P7270i at a price range of around Rs.1,05,500/- is truly value for money. Also, the DELL M-209X is sitting pretty at a price range of around Rs.69,000/- but is economical if you have a look at its features.

We had like to mention that the projector's prices quoted have been the market prices at the time the article was written. Besides, we do not guarantee that the price mentioned is the price at which we will be offering it. This write-up should be termed as an invitation to offer and not an offer.